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Santiago Fire from Qual Hill
by Irvine Resident
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And California is on fire.

"SAN DIEGO -- San Diego County authorities warned more than 250,000 households to evacuate today as wildfires raged across Southern California for another day, destroying hundreds of structures, clogging highways and sending smoke and ash over a wide area.Schools were closed and hospitals evacuated by bus, and hundreds of people sought refuge in Qualcomm Stadium and other evacuation centers. Fire officials were stretched to their limits trying to cope with the fast-moving, wind-whipped blazes that burned more than 100,000 acres, or about 156 square miles."

I see a bad moon arising, I see trouble on the way

Peak oil has come and gone.

"World oil production has already peaked and will fall by half as soon as 2030, according to a report which also warns that extreme shortages of fossil fuels will lead to wars and social breakdown.

The German-based Energy Watch Group will release its study in London today saying that global oil production peaked in 2006 - much earlier than most experts had expected. The report, which predicts that production will now fall by 7% a year, comes after oil prices set new records almost every day last week, on Friday hitting more than $90 (£44) a barrel."


Drying up

Yikes. Long but fantastic and frightening NYT article about water use in the West.

"As one prominent Western water official described the possible future to me, if some of the Southwest’s largest reservoirs empty out, the region would experience an apocalypse, “an Armageddon."


More terrorist insects! Yay!

In a fantastic How-To article, The Boston Globe thoughfully provides suggestions for how to cripple US food production and devastate the economy using low tech insects!

"One of the cheapest and most destructive weapons available to terrorists today is also one of the most widely ignored: insects. These biological warfare agents are easy to sneak across borders, reproduce quickly, spread disease, and devastate crops in an indefatigable march. Our stores of grain could be ravaged by the khapra beetle, cotton and soybean fields decimated by the Egyptian cottonworm, citrus and cotton crops stripped by the false codling moth, and vegetable fields pummeled by the cabbage moth. The costs could easily escalate into the billions of dollars, and the resulting disruption of our food supply - and our sense of well-being - could be devastating. Yet the government focuses on shoe bombs and anthrax while virtually ignoring insect insurgents.
Indeed, a great strategic lesson of 9/11 has been overlooked. Terrorists need only a little ingenuity, not sophisticated weapons, to cause enormous damage. Armed only with box cutters, terrorists hijacked planes and brought down the towers of the World Trade Center. Insects are the box cutters of biological warfare - cheap, simple, and wickedly effective."
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Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, but they were doomed.

Yikes! Thirsty? And guess what people are doing to save water. Read on to have your worst dreams realized.

"For the first time in more than 100 years, much of the Southeast has reached the most severe category of drought, climatologists said Monday, creating an emergency so serious that some cities are just months away from running out of water.

...It’s really alarming,” said Janice Terry, co-owner of the Best Foods cafeteria in Siler City. To curtail water use, Best Foods has swapped its dishes for paper plates and foam cups."

Holy mackerel, this is fishy.

Wow. Dirty, dirty, dirty.

"A private jet which crashed in the vicinity of Cancun on September 24 with a cargo of six tons of cocaine and heroin aboard had been utilized by the CIA in recent months for transferring prisoners to and from the U.S. interrogation camp on Guantánamo. The aircraft, a Grumman Gulf Stream II model, with U.S. registration number N987SA, officially belongs to a company in the south of Florida, which bought it just eight days before the presumed accident, the circumstances of which are murky."
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Um, is that bug following me?

SPOOKY stuff, just in time for Halloween.
Robot bugs. Robot spy bugs. Remote control robot spy bugs.

Scared yet?
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